A Unique Act Featuring Puppetry
and Splendid Amusements

Professor Horn with Punch and the Policeman beside the stage

Gales of Laughter

If you live in Maryland, Washington, D.C., or the Mid-Atlantic region and need a comedy children’s puppet / magic show, your search is over. Here at last is a fun-filled attraction that truly captures the wonderment of childhood.

Founded in 1897, Horn’s Punch & Judy Show is America’s oldest and most unique children’s entertainment experience. Now in its third generation, Professor Horn continues this legacy with his clever comedy conjuring, novelty routines and his laugh-out-loud funny British Punch & Judy puppet show.

Kids laughing

Perfect for Kids' Parties and Family Audience Events

Professor Horn’s celebrated Punch & Judy Show is known to incite gales of laughter from audiences of all ages. Whereas youngsters adore the amazing feats of legerdemain, slapstick comedy and variety entertainments, parents can’t resist the nostalgic excitement this quintessential attraction conjures up from their own childhoods.

This must-see classic theater arts is ideal for:

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Horn's Punch & Judy

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